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created June 30, 1998. updated Oct. 5th, 1998.

Join a Strawberry Shortcake Banner Exchange! I am making banners for people who want/need them!
My Strawberry Shortcake Wishlist & Inventory useful if you want to sell me something :)
Huckleberry Pie's Shed great Strawberry Shortcake downloads!

I got Orange Blossom from Anna's Strawberry Shortcake Collector's Information Site Thank you!

I finally got rid of the stuff I never got around to working on! More icons coming soon!

-take care, Lemon M (Oct. 5)

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80's Chica's 80's Cartoons Page! A really good site devoted to Strawberry Shortcake, Rainbow Brite, Carebears, and more! (most of the graphics on the page came from there..thanks!)

BrittanyAnna's Strawberry Shortcake Collector's Information Page Nicely presented site! A lot of graphics came from there... thanks!!!

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