My Strawberry Shortcake Wishlist

(updated Nov. 12)

See my 80's toys for sale/trade at Jerikka's Toybox-For Sale.


Minis and Deluxe Minis All Sweet Sleeper Dolls
All Party Pleasers All 6 Berrykins
Berry Patch Carry Case Storybook Play Case
Blow Kiss Babies Berry Busy Bug Toy Vehicle
Dancing Strawberry Shortcake BerryWear all 91' poseables
Strawberryland Mini Houses
Shortcake House Raspberry Soda Shoppe
Rag Dolls
Lime Chiffon
Orange Blossom
Raspberry Tart
Pillow Dolls
Orange Blossom
Lemon Meringue (big)
Lime Chiffon
Blueberry Muffin Cherry Cuddler
Strawberry Shortcake-stockings, shoes & *hat
Raspberry Tart-stockings, shoes, & hat
Lime Chiffon-complete outfit
Huckleberry Pie-complete outfit, stockings, shoes & hat
SS Blow Kiss Baby's clothing (2) & booties (3)
Angel Cake Blow Kiss Baby's complete outfit
Blow Kiss Baby accessories
Frappe Custard* Parfait
*=recieving soon

Email me if you have anything you would like to sell/trade me! I have some things here that I could trade.

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