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#3. Mysterious Sleeping Sickness: Defend Young Girl's Loving Hearts

Usagi and her friends love the new radio show Midnight Zero, where real love letters are read on the air. If a lucky person's letter is read, they get a beautiful flower brooch. But, it really drains energy, as Usagi and Luna figure out after Haruna, Naru, and many others mysteriously fall into a deep sleep. They go in the radio studio after Usagi disguises herself with her new transformation pen. She walks in on the bogus show with Jadiete (under the alias Jay Daitou) and the youma Furau in charge. The villains, of course, get really mad when Usagi warns the listeners of the evil effects of the prize jewelry. She is chased all the way down the hallway, where she transforms into Sailor Moon. They finally meet on the rooftop, where the youma (as in the hallway) attacks her with big gusts of breath. After the youma starts attacking her with its claws and Sailor Moon falls, Luna tells her to use her "Moon Tiara". Sailor Moon does, but misses. The second time, however, is successful, and the youma is destroyed from behind. Then Sailor Moon tries to attack Jadeite but he easily stops her tiara, and she is saved from his wrath by Tuxedo Kamen in time.

In the DiC dub, this episode is called "Talk Radio".

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