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#2. I'll punish you! The Fortune-telling house is a Youma's Mansion

A new fortune-telling house opens in Juuban and everyone flocks to it. However, it is all part of Jadeite's new plan to gather energy. The youma Baam hypnotizes her victims (mainly young boys, including Umino, who wanted to see if he should ask Usagi out or not.) A black card is placed under their shirt near the heart. They are then convinced they are under the influence of a devil and rampage throughout the neighborhood acting very naughty. ^_^ Usagi and Luna finally catch on and go to find out the cause of this. Baam attacks Sailor Moon with her evil cards and her zombinated boys. However, Tuxedo Kamen arrives on the scene and his rose hits the youma in the face. Baam tries to attack with her claws but Moon dodges them every time. Sailor Moon finally uses her tiara and destroys Baam.

This episode was completely cut from the dub, probably because it was considered inappropriate. ^_^ It's not hard to see why, (especially when posessed Umino flicks up Haruna's skirt!) and they probably had trouble with editing too much! (and what kind of Sailor Says would they have? ^_~)

Sorry for the confusing review, but since it was cut and I'm not familiar with two versions I watch all the time, it's kind of difficult for me to explain clearly.

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