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Happy Holidays! from Hammy's Mailings of the Rainbow

Announcements A New Generation of Color Kids: Results of LaLa's Poll of the Stars

Announcements: Sorry I'm late! The results of the Poll are below.. if you would like to add anything, please send it in! I'll try to give you a "normal" issue of the mailing list sometime...


A New Generation of Color Kids: Results of LaLa's Poll of the Stars

In a past issue, I asked my members what color kid they could make up out of secondary colors, etc. and these are some of the responses they came up with:

Pink-* Brown-* Gray-** Black & Silver-* Aqua-*

I think that grey would be a good color for a color kid gone bad. Her name would be Shades of Grey because she'd be involved not only in grey, but also black and white. Kinda dumb, but I see a fan fic in there somewhere!
-Love and huggs, Wedge ;p

Please, nobody take my idea because I'm working on a web page that will have some of my creations on it. My new character would be called Shadow Lite and she would be dressed mosly in black with silver and black hair. She will have moon symbols on the belt and one on the cheek. She is the leader of a group of gaurdians who protect the five crystals (I don't know what those are called yet). She is gaurdian of the Dark or Shadow Crystal. She is a good guy--just in case you were wondering. :) -Kris

It should be a horse called diamond with a girl called Aqua Amy the horse should be aqua with white mane and tail and a white diamond on her head and white hooves. The girl should have chunky boots like RB and Patty O'green - but aqua and white. Long Aqua hair like Moonglow's. Skirt like RB's. Lara