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Star Sprinkles System

This is the only real thing I could think of that would encourage member participation. Since I have no "original" Rainbow Brite files, there's not much of a prize or anything to look forward I developed a special points system. You can redeem these points for files from ANY show you 80s cartoons, anything!

Person With The Most Sprinkles:

List of Member's Sprinkles Amounts

Star Sprinkle Points: Poll Participation: 3 sprinkles (1 ex. for cool comment!) Quiz Participation: 2 sprinkles " " w/ correct answer on time: 5 sprinkles Survey Participation: 5 sprinkles Submits to Indigo's Corner: 6-10 sprinkles I use your idea/suggestion: 2 sprinkles YKYLTMRBW-1 apiece

Redeem them for (just tell me when): Pic from practically anything: 3-5 sprinkles Small mov or avi from practically anything: 5-7 sprinkles midi or wav: 3-8 sprinkles Big Avi or MP2: 12 sprinkles MP3: 20 sprinkles 100-150 ^_^ sprinkles: real items!!!