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Rainbow was speechless, as was Krys and Brian. Krys hadn't seen his
 old teacher in over five years! (remember, folks, they age
 differently)Orin looked at everyone and spoke again. "Generals,
 Soldiers, Ambassadors, I am afriad this war cannot be resolved by
 guns, nor lasers nor anything of its kind. Only magic can stop what
 we are up against. Your aid is comforting but useless. It is better
 if you are out protecting the city and her people." 
Because Orin was so respected throughout the Universe, no one argued.
 Everyone but Rainbow and Krys excused themselves.
"Orin!" Raiinbow hugged the frail but surprisingly strong old Sprite.
"I am glad to see you too, my dear." He chuckled. "But I wish we could
 see each other when the Universe is not in peril!" 
Rainbow smiled good-naturedly, knowing exactly what he meant. Then he
 sat next to Krys and leaned in to explain.
"I knew this time would come one day; when the Darkness would escape
 its seal in Oblivion and try to take over the light and the
"And Lord Kuraku Nanimo?" Krys added.
"Ah, yes. He is the source behind it. He helps it grow as he feeds the
 Darkness light and color from all of the planets..his Army has powers
 by which you have never even dreamed about..your greatest color
 sucking fears are these things...monsters...."
"What can we do to help restore the Color?" Rainbow asked.
"Krys has told you about the Color Crystals, correct?"
"I want to help too!"
They had forgotten Brian was still online with them and now turned to
Orin glanced at him.
"Ah,another warrior." He gave a soft laugh. "You and Krys are so much
Both boys glared at each other violently.
"You will be much help, young Brian. Do not worry. But listen to what
 I have to say first." All three turned their attention to him. "If
 Lord Kuraku draws enough color from each of the planets, your friends
 will start to fade away..and eventually take a place in Oblivion too.
 If all of the Color Kids are faded,you too, Rainbow Brite,will fade
 as well."
Rainbow gulped but said nothing.
"Now, there are ways of using your Color Crystals, but it is very
 dangerous and it wears you out after you have used it. If you use all
 of its powers, you will surely die." Another hard swallow. "Krys, do
 you still have the Crystal Laser I gave you years ago?" Krys smiled
 and held up his wrist to reveal he still wore it. "Good. It will be
 much advantage to you one day, too."
"What about me?" Brian said meekly. Orin turned to him. "I have no
"My young man, you do not need magic to help. You must use your powers
 as a leader to help this battle. Make sure everyone is safe and keep
 up the communications between each planet so we know what's going on
 in the Color Kids' lives." 
Though it didn't make him feel more powerful,Brian nodded. He was a
 bit jealous of Krys's Crystal Laser....
Orin told Rainbow not to extract her Color Crystal until the
 perfect time. She was not to use it all until it was a
 complete emergency. Even then, it had better not take up too much of
 her inner strength or it could kill her.
*****NEXT DAY*****
Yippy! Rainbow was talking with Starlite,telling the good news to him.
 "The Color Kids will be here tomorrow after they have finished their
"Training?" Starlite replied. "For what?"
"On how to generate their energy and use it as a weapon and a healing
 source." Rainbow took a bite out of the sandwich she had brought
"Will you be learning that?" Starlite asked after he swallowed his
 carrot chips.
Rainbow shook her head and swallowed. "Nope. Orin says that I
 shouldn't use my Color Crystal because it could kill me." She was a
 bit surprised at herself for blurting it out like that. "But, don't
 worry. I'd only use it in a serious emergency. And, Brian has a lot
 under control on Earth....I think Lord Kuraku is finally backing
Suddenly, major jolt shook the whole Embassy. The lights went out. A
 siren was screeching to the high heavens....
"Rainbow...." Starlite whispered.
"I think you spoke to soon....."
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