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Rainbow was so estatic! Buddy Blue had sent an early transmission
 message to her over the Viewer and when she woke up, he was already
 online waiting to talk to her.
"Buddy," She cried, running into Communications room. She did not even
 bother to change out of her night clothes.
"How are you, Rainbow?" He asked.
"I'm fine! How's life there?" 
"Oh, it's really super. I mean, it's not home, but they try their
 best here. Everyone is very nice. How about you? I was talking with
 Brian when Krys went to go get you Commander of
"I know!" She laughed. "Just think! Not so long ago, he was a glumface
 running into rainbows without even knowing it!" They had a good
Then Buddy grew serious.
"Am I the first to contact you?"
"Yes," She replied softly.
"Well!" He brightened for her, hiding his true expression. "I'm sure
 they're all just busy adjusting and all....." There was a knocking
 sound behind him. "Oh. I have to go, Rainbow. Please give everyone
 else a hello for me, OK?"
"OK. Thanks Buddy," she added. They signed off.
Later that day, each Color Kid and Rainbow were learning the ropes
 around the Embassies of their planets. It sounded so simple. But
 everyone was to attend the Meeting...
The Meeting is where all of the people of importance come together to
 discuss matters concerning the Universe and/or their planet. Brian
 and the Earth people that had accompanied him would be traveling back
 to Earth for their meeting. But they would also be on the
 Earth-Viewer. There was a Viewer for each planet in the
 Communications and in the Board Room. 
Rainbow followed Krys into the Board Room. Starlite was with Onyx,
 talking about a back-up plan and such. Krys and Rainbow sat together,
 Krys at the end on the long table with Rainbow to his right. The
 entire table was filled with Generals, Spies, Communicators,
 Diplomats, Scientists, Plotters, ect. And,of course, the mystic-side
 to everything, the Sorcerors, the Wizards, the Witch Doctors, the
 Shamen, ect. Everyone that had an importance to Spectra {besides
 Spectra's people} were there.
"Let's begin," Krys anounced in a ruthless voice with Commanding air.
"Commander," one man stood up, "I wish to welcome you back and welcome
 our newest member to the Alliance. Welcome, Rainbow Brite!" She shook 
 his hand and smiled at everyone.
"Thank you." She stood up as he sat down. "Now,I know I am very new to
 this, but I am not new to danger nor threats. First I feel what we
 should deal with immediately is the matter of Stormy."
All of the ladies and gentlemen present looked at her in confusion.
"She is working for Lord Kuraku Nanimo."
"And what shall we do with her?" a lady Admiral cried. 
"We must save her!" Rainbow cried.
"Save her?" One man laughed nervously. "Why?"
"Because she's my friend!" Rainbow pleaded. "She's a Color Kid!"
Everyone was silent. Dead silent. They were all in shock, stareing
 wide-eyed at Rainbow.
"If she's a Color Kid, she's a Color Crystal carrier!" One young man
"Yes!" Rainbow nodded. "She is Saturn."
"The Saturn Army has chosen their side," one woman sneered.
"No! They are under the control of Stormy, who is under the control of
 Lord Kuraku! We must save her!"
"How?" One Shamen asked quietly. "We cannot put the whole Universe on
 pause and rescue one person!"
"But she is a Color Crystal Carrier," a wise Wizard spoke up. He was
 small and his entire form was hidden under a blue cloak. 
"That voice!" Krys and Rainbow gasped at the same time. The Wizard
 smiled slyly and reveled himself.