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"There is still no excuse for the Sprites!" She sharply replied,
 a catch in her throat. She was still recovering from what Brian had
 just told her.
"Rainbow, it's too late." His head hung low. "We can't go back for
 them now. If they make it, that's great. But if they do not...."
"You should have said something!" Rainbow shouted, fighting back hurt
 tears. "I could've stayed and----" But she stopped dead. Brian looked
 up at her with a sad smile. She understood just then.
If they had told her there was a good chance Rainbowland
 would be destroyed, she would have stayed to help try and save it......
"Twink....." Rainbow clutched her stomach, suddenly feeling a wave of
 self-disgust sweep over her. 
"I doubt Rainbowland will be attacked again. Probably won't even be
 glanced at even."
Brian and Rainbow turned to Krys, who sat very dull and casually with
 his boots kicked up on the table. He stole a glance their way.
"Stormy works for Kuraku Nanimo and she saw everyone on the Star-Ship 
headed for here....she'll report that to her boss..why would they
 waste time and energy on something that has little meaning to them
 and isn't a threat anymore?"
Rainbow instantly cheered up. She got up and ran over to Krys and gave
 him a huge hug. Brian glared at Krys, knowing he kept that in until
 Brian had ruined trust in Rainbow......
'Jerk.' Brian thought instantly and turned his head away from them.
"I never thought of that, Krys!" Rainbow quickly said, then stood up.
 She gave a quick peck on Krys's cheek and smiled. "I think I should
 go rest now. We have a very busy day tomorrow, don't we?"
Both young men nodded and she waved them good-bye and wished them
Red sighed. Mars was a very happening place. Everyone here was so
 adventurous and they all somehow seemed to resemble him a bit. He
 didn't know why, of course. He sat up in his new bed and hugged his
 knees as he looked at the two moons shining a bit dully. 
'I sure wish I was home in my own bed....camping maybe. Romeo by now
 has probably secured all of the Red Sprites....I hope so..' he
 thought. As he gazed into the dull shining, but beautiful moons, he
 thought he saw Lala's face smiling down at him. He sighed with a
"One of these days I'm going to have to ask her out on a date!" He
 laughed a little at the human tradition, but thought taking Lala out
 on a romantic outing after the war was something he wouldn't mind
 doing at all....
Lala placed the framed picture of her Red Butler on the bedside table
 and then crawled under the fresh crisp covers of her new canopy bed.
 Venus was a lovely place; warm; bright; beautiful everywhere. The
 people here were so similar that she thought it was just
 custom to be so nice to a new person. But as she walked around the
 capital, Magelion, she noticed everyone seemed to have an air about was very odd indeed. But she thought it would be a nice
'I hope OJ has gathered all of the Orange Sprites.' she thought to
 herself. She looked out the window near her bed. Venus had no moons
 so it wasn't so bright out. Earth was a distant dot in the sky that
 seemed to be getting darker each second. With a very heavy sigh, she
 turned away from the sight, laid down, kissed her picture of Red and
 fell asleep.
Well! Never had Canary Yellow been to a happier place in her life!
 Rainbowland came very close, but even the rest of the Color Kids had
 their bad days too. Everyone here tried to look on the bright side of
 this war; tried to think of a plan to reason with the enemy rather
 then fight it. Canary was pleased but also longing for the others....
 It would be a long time before she got to sleep, she suddenly
'Finally! Some rash thinking here,' Patty thought as she stepped out
 onto the balcony that was attached to her new room. She gazed upon
 the many moons that shown down on her; illuminating her room with
 beautiful silver light. 
'I sure hope Moonglow is OK too...' Patty thought. 'She can fade
 easily probably because the moon's light is dull...Canary will last
 the longest out of all of us...she has the sun protecting her!'
 Patty gave a mental chuckle. 'I'm happy, though. I'm happy for
 everyone. I'm happy we all have the opportunity to defend our
 Universe and our precious light...' She looked away, suddenly
 fighting tears. She thrusted her head forward again and looked
 pleadingly at the moons. 'If I'm so happy, why do I feel so sad?'
Ahh...nothing like a good work-out to get all of your agression and
 emotions out,' Buddy Blue thought as he tossed his towel onto the
 chair nearest to his new bed. He had changed into his night clothes
 and now leaned against the window sill. He gazed up at Miranda, the
 most beautiful moon he had ever seen....
'I'm a part of the Outer Planets now....' He thought. 'I sure hope we
 don't start to fade....that look in Stormy's eyes...gods, it hurt!
 It was so cold...well, colder then usual....she was possessed, no
 doubt!' His stomached growled. He refused to eat anything since he
 arrived at Uranus because he was so angry at this...what was it?
 Oh, yeah.. Kuraku Nanimo....The name felt and sounded evil. Even
 replaying the name in his mind was harsh....
'Don't worry,Stormy,' He silently promised. 'Rainbow and the rest of
 us will save you!'
Indigo had never seen so many wonderous plays in all in her life! And
 it wasn't over! The Ambassador of Neptune had said that she may as
 well enjoy herself when not attending to business....
'But so much business!' She thought breathlessly. 'So many attacks on many Dark many innocent people becoming
 innocent victums.....' It touched Indigo deeply. She folded her hands
 together like a silent prayer..'You have to save this Universe,
 Rainbow! We're always bhind you....all the way! You have to save
 everyone! You just have to!'
With a sigh of pure content and blissfulness, Shy Violet shut the door
 to her quarters and leaned against the door, lost in her thoughts for
 a moment. Never had she been around so many intelligent people
Never had she known anyone but herself to know certain things! They
 were all quiet and reserved with elequent manners and they were high
 witted. They have already drawn out thought plots on who and what the
 Darkness might be....her small information had helped immensely!
And yet.....while it was pleasant to be with these people, who were
 very kind to her and on her own wavelength of smarts, she yurned for
 the other Color Kids' laughter, loudness and playful attitude.....
It wasn't baffling to her at all why she felt this way. She was
"Mercury must be the most giggly, bubbly place ever," Tickled Pink
 said to her new friend, Marina; whose duty it was to see Tickled Pink
 safe and contented.
"It is," Marina said. "Although, I hear the sun comes close!" She
 laughed. Tickled Pink did not, however. "What's wrong?"
"The sun.....that's where Canary Yellow is...." Tickled Pink was lost
 in her own thoughts... Marina smiled understandingly and put her arm
 around Tickled Pink, then led her to her new room....
"Moonglow? Moonglow! Are you listening?" Night Sprite sharply cried.
 Moonglow was leaning out her window as well, gazing at the
 dull-colored Earth.
"Hm?" She glanced over her shoulder for a moment. "What? I wasn't
 listening," She said dully. Night Sprite grinded his teeth.
"MOONGLOW!" She tried to pay attention. "That's better. Now, did you
 understand what the Ambassador was telling you? You must concentrate
 on your inner self so that you may control the powers the moon
Moonglow had fallen asleep. 
"Starlite, I miss them."
"Of course you miss them! This is your first time without them in
 several years! You didn't think it would be simple, did you?"
"No." She sighed, turning on her side.
"Well, if it makes you feel any better, you still have me." He got up
 and trotted over to her bed where he nuzzled her gently. She patted
 his face and smiled graciously into his eyes.
"It does make me feel better, Starlite." And it did. But it wasn't the
 same without her Color Kids...
Not the same at all......
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