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"Rainbow, you'll see them again someday." Krys said reassuringly.
 Rainbow smiled through her sadness. She refused to cry.
"I know. But from what I have heard about war, it changes people.
 Usually for the worse."
Krys patted her upper arm. They were landing on Spectra, the Official
 Headquarters of the Light Side. Krys had explained that the Earth
 Army would be joining them soon,for dinner, he joked. Rainbow sighed
 happily and nervously. She would see Brian again. And she knew Krys
 and him weren't exactly the best of friends.......
"Rainbow, I'll show you to your quarters," Krys offered as soon as
 they reached the Spectra Embassy; or the Hall of Universal Light. It
 was a spectacular site to see! The entire building was, of course,
 made from Crystal, though it was not cold at all. Rather smooth and
 cool, like diamonds..which made up the interior of the large
 household. Rainbow's room was very large; larger then her own room
 back home.... 
Starlite insisted upon resting and Krys had no qualms over the simple
 request. He wanted Rainbow to as well, but Rainbow insisted upon
 being at all meetings reguarding this new matter, despite
 Krys's urging that she should rest. He merely looked at her with a
 worried and "I can't help you, only you can," look as he led her to
 the Meeting Hall. Earth's General Commander had arrived early. Just
 to keep Spectra on her toes *wink*. He was alone.
"Brian!" Rainbow cried and flung herself foreward into his arms. "Oh!
 I'm so glad Earth is alright!" her voice was muffled by his coat.
"But Earth isn't all right, Rainbow." He gently reminded her, pulling
 her away a little to look into her eyes. "But it is safe for the
 moment," he added softly. She smiled for him. "I'm happy to see you
 too. Did all of the Color Kids make it safely to their home planets?"
 Rainbow nodded. He smiled. Then, looking away from her, but still
 holding her arms, he cleared his throat. "Uhm, Rainbow....I know this
 maybe the wrong time to tell you....but, about Stormy..."
"She knows." A stone-hard voice interrupted. Brian and Rainbow looked
 up. Krys was leaning against the wall farthest from them. 
"I thought we agreed I would tell her!" Brian hissed. Krys just gave
 him.... "a look". Brian drew back, unafriad, but threatened to say
 the least. Rainbow, being in the middle, did not notice the tension.
"Guys, it's so great to have you both here and so near me. I feel so
 protected." She beamed at them. Krys looked the other direction and
 snffed with a "Hn," in reply.
"Why do the planets want their Color Kids back?" Rainbow asked,
 sitting in one of the chairs. Krys sat opposite her and Brian next
 to her.
"I thought they were created to protect RainbowLand as well."
"They were." Brian replied. "But the Sprites are strong enough to take
 care of RainbowLand."
"But what if they're not!" Rainbow cried. "What if the Darkness
 attacks Rainbow Land? What will happen to....the...." The look in
 Brian's eyes told her the answer. Her voice died in her throat. She
 trembled. "No.." she choked out in a hoarse whisper. She drew back in
 disgust. "I won't let you just leave them! You knew the Darkness
 was going to attack Rainbow Land because the Color Kids and I were
 there!" She stood up. "You knew they were going to destroy us! You
 let them save us but not the Sprites!"
"Rainbow, if you would just sit down," Brian started. "I can explain.
 It's not as....meaningful and loathing as you make it sound!" Rainbow
 sat down, but another seat away from Brian. He sighed, "Rainbow, you
 don't know the importantence of the Color Kids or yourself. The Color
 Kids were created by each planet to protect not only the designated
 color, but you as well. If you were to die, they alone would be able
 to bring you back by uniting their powers together....they each a...
 uh..." he looked at Krys for the word.
"Color Crystal." Krys helped.
"..a Color Crystal inside them. Now, those Crystals a part of a larger
 cyrstal which keeps the planets alive. Each planet with it's own. If
 the Color Crystals in the Color Kids are destroyed, not only will the
 Color Kids die, but the planets as well."
Rainbow was in shock. Her mouth was all opened.
"And me? What about me?" She whispered, unable to bring her voice any
"You.." Brian scooted closer.."Have a very special heart, Rainbow.
 Very special indeed. It is not only the entire source of the
 Universes' light, but the entire Universes' hope."
The words replayed on Rainbow's heart.
The entire Universes' hope.....
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