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"Your Rainbow Belt is no longer a match for me, Rainbow." Stormy continued. "I have been given a new life; a new power by the all powerful evil Kuraku Nanimo."

"Is that who's behind all of this?" Rainbow asked her.

"Behind it?" She laughed. "He's proud of it! He won't stand for the garish, seething light. It's annoyance has reached its peak. Now is the time to destroy the light! I am now in charge of banishing it!"

"Stormy, you can't be serious!" Buddy Blue cried over the whirs of the Ship.

"We need you!" Indigo added.

"You need a reality check!" Stormy retorted. "I will stand no more talk." She raised her hand high into the air and opened her palm. Energy in a great sphere seemed to draw into her palm. She closed her eyes and began murmuring. As the murmur grew faster, the sphere grew brighter.


She thrusted the sphere at them. It hit them like nothing they ever dreamed. It not only knocked the wind out of them, but drained their energy as well. All of them were off their feet, even Krys.

The last thing they all heard before they fell was Stormy's familiar cackle..but when they opened their eyes, neither the Army nor Stormy could be seen.

'How can I possibly save the Universe and Stormy as well?' Rainbow pondered as they all sat back down in the passenger room. 'Good thing the Color Kids are here. I can't be doing two things at once. It might even come down to eithier Stormy or the Universe....but I can't have one without the other. If it comes down to eithier Stormy or my own life, then so be it. As long as she is long as all of my friends are safe....'

A sudden jolt distracted her. They had landed somewhere. Rainbow looked up. Red Butler was swinging his bag over his shoulder and looked down on everyone.

"I guess this is good-bye," he said quietly. Lala sobbed silently. They all got up and one by one hugged him, wished him the best, and told him to stay out of trouble.

"I'll send a Messenger out as soon as I can." He whispered in Lala's ear. She nodded. He did the boldest thing he ever thought a boy could do.

He kissed her.

She was so surprised, she tensed up and didn't see him flee.

And that was the beginning of their good-byes. One by one, each Color Kid was shipped out to their home planets; where they had been created to guard the Colors of the Universe. Canary Yellow tried to stay cheerful, but just couldn't take it any longer when it was her turn to say good-bye. Buddy Blue made Rainbow promise that she would try to get Stormy back...Patty was so mad, she was determined to be rid of Kuraku Nanimo...Indigo made her usual dramatic exit. Though this time, it seemed more real then any act she ever performed.... Lala sobbed and promised that lots of love and thought would be given everyday to each of them..Shy Violet was quite but remained composed and promised she would try and come up with different ways to stop the Darkness..Tickled Pink gave everyone extra hugs and kisses before her departure..Moonglow wished everyone happy endings and Night Sprite dittoed it. Soon, it was all but Rainbow and Krys.


After seeing off the last Color Kid, Rainbow turned to face Krys.

She sighed heavily and gave him a weak smile.

"So this is all that is left."

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