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"Rainbow, how old are you?" Krys asked casually. They were walking
 hand in hand in the garden outside of the Color Castle.
"What?" Rainbow replied. Though the question instantly hit a core deep
 in her heart, Rainbow quickly covered it with a smile. "I am ageless,
"Krys. I don't grow up."
"Rainbow," He dragged, "look at you." They stopped. "You're at least
 as old as I am...maybe a bit younger..." He gave her a good
"And how old am I?" She asked, not being able to help but smile. He
 thought about it for a moment. It was only moments before the
 Starfleet of the Universal Army would be here. "Fourteen."
Rainbow sighed. Krys was fifteen; well, that's what humans would take
 him for, though he was *much* older then that.
"General Krys!" A large man was suddenly towering over them, saluting
 Krys. He had startled Rainbow. Krys then told Rainbow it was time and
 ushered her towards the front of the Castle.
"Why do I have the feeling I won't see my home for a very *very* long
 time, Starlite?" Rainbow sighed when she was on Starlite, waiting for
 Krys to tell her to board. Since she couldn't break through the
 clouds with the rainbow, her and Starlite had to ride in the
 Star-Ship until they were safely away from the clouds.
"Maybe we won't see it for a long time." Starlite said realistically.
 Rainbow sighed once more,and being the last one, went aboard.
"Which planet are we going to first?" Canary asked Krys.
"The closest." He simply answered.
"Mars." Red whispered, with a *very* heavy and *very* sad sigh. Lala
 scooted closer to him and they began to whisper silently. 
Just as they were about to reach the Mars Territory, a blast out of
 space rocked the Star-Ship and everyone aboard went flying
 everywhere. Bags and other equipment went in all directions; Starlite
 crouched down so he wouldn't fall on anyone. 
"What was that?" Patty cried, more excited then scared.
"We're being attacked,Sir!" The Pilot called back to Krys. Krys began
 to run towards the deck.
"Come on!" He cried over his shoulder. Rainbow and the Color Kids with
 Starlite all followed him to get their first glimpse at their new
 nemesis. Krys ran higher and faster. They, all too eager for words,
 easily ran at his side. Krys threw open the door to the deck.
 Everyone was right behind him. Rainbow ran ahead of him and then
 stopped in her tracks. What she saw was unreal; too real for belief.
 She gasped as she stared right into the eyes of her new enemy.
With the Army of Saturn behind her, Stormy on Skydancer, she was
 definitely ready for a battle. Her new outfit was warning; regal in
 a sense. Rainbow didn't know whether to cry or get upset.
"Stormy, why? After all this time, our friendship! Does it mean a
 thing to you?" Rainbow couldn't stop herself from yelling.
Stormy merely laughed. It sent chills down everyone's spine.
"Ha! I have no need for friends. I am the Ruler of Saturn; the true
 Queen of Darkness and Despair! And soon to be the Empress of the
 Universe!" She glowed. Rainbow stepped closer. She noticed two things
 different about her once friend. 
Her eyes were now hard and cold. They had a certain darkness to them
 that shut out all of the light. As she looked harder, Rainbow
 suddenly realized it; 'There *is* no light in her eyes anymore!'
The second was Stormy's entire form. She was older now! A bit older
 then Rainbow was. Now she had not only the means to battle, but the
 strength. It didn't look too good from Rainbow's view.....
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