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"Hmm.." Patty wondered aloud. "What about the colony on Saturn?" she
 wondered. Everyone looked up at Krys.
"Oh. Stormy is already in full charge of that." He grew serious. "But
 that's another thing I must discuss with you all. Saturn, as you all
 are aware of, I am sure, isn't exactly the....most cheerful place.
 And with Stormy running the show, it was like adding insult to
 injury." He took a deep breath, not fully aware on how the next part
 would effect them.
"What is it,Krys?" Rainbow asked, slightly raising up.
"Stormy has been....I guess you could say, brainwashed, by the
 Darkness. She's leading her Army and the entire Saturn Colony against
 the other Planets. She's completely fading, Rainbow." He looked deep
 into Rainbow's violet-blue eyes. "I'm sorry."
"No..." was all Rainbow could choke out as she slowly sat back down.
 Red Butler patted her on the arm. "But if she fades, she won't exist
 anymore! We have to save her!" She jumped up, quick as lighnting.
"That's why I came as quickly as I could. I know she is
 and all..and I know you all care for her like a sister, like she was
 one of you all...."
"She is one of us." Buddy Blue, who had been silent all this 
torturous while, cried roughly.
"Yes," Indigo nodded. More agreements were heard. 
"Then, do you all take the positions?"
"When do we begin?" Tickled Pink demanded.
Krys gave a dry laugh. "Now. Every moment counts. You all must leave
 today. Within the hour; two at the most."
All of the Color Kids looked around at each other with sad, aware
 expressions that all seemed to say the same thing: 'Good-bye. We
 might never see each other again. I will miss you.'
"What about Starlite and Twink and the rest of our Sprites?" Canary
 suddenly chirped. Everyone was stunned as they sharply looked at
"Ask Twink to stay here along with the rest of the Sprites, so that
 they may guard RainbowLand while you all are away."
They all nodded. Rainbow thought sadly, ' oldest and first
 friend. I might never see you! I *will* see you again
 because we *will* win!'
Rainbow cleared her throat. "Let's go."
Everyone nodded in unison and went off in their own seperate ways...
 for last good-byes & secret farewells.....
Red Butler sighed as he entered his chambers. He had just said
 good-bye to Romeo..his best friend. Someone who had been bold enough
 to go on daring adventures and camp-outs. He had asked Romeo to
 watch after OJ, knowing it would please Lala. Lala...
That was another thing. Off to be the general of the planet of love
 and beauty...*sigh* where she deserves to be a queen.....
She sobbed and sobbed, OJ patting her back then left the room, shaking
 her head slightly. Lala had ran straight to her room and thrown
 herself onto her canopy wasn't fair! Red being shipped off
 to Mars and her stuck *well,not "stuck"* on Venus! She clutched her
 framed picture of Red, then kissed it and gently laid it atop of her
 extra clothes in her smallest bag; which Krys had advised to take.
'Will Red still want to be with her after this war is over? Of course.
 Love is thicker then any kind of hatred....
"Now, don't go getting yourself into any trouble while I'm gone!" She
 softly lectured to her friends; Spark, the birds, and other
 soft-hearted small creatures she so dearly loved. She had packed fast
 and ran to them; putting on her happiest smile so as not to worry
 them. But who was she fooling? "I want you all to know that even
 though I may be gone for a long while, I'll always love you all and
 think of you dearly!" She smiled brightly. Then, like unwanted
 memories, two single tears silently slipped out of the corner of her
 eyes. "Oh, my..." she whispered. She threw her arms around Spark and
 cried out her pent-up emotions.....
"Hnmm......." Patty mused as she and Buddy idley swung lazily back and
 forth on a porch swing. "You really believe this stuff is happening?"
"It's hard to, hn?" he replied.
"Yup. Sure is." A moment of silence. "I'm really going to miss this
 place. It's the only home I remember....."
"Where did we come from?"
"Probably the same planets we're commanding and representing for. I
 bet that's the big secret behind this. What do you think?"
He sighed. "Not too sure. I don't want to believe this is happening,
 but it is. I don't want to say good-bye, but I have to. Why?"
"It's all a part of growing up, I guess."
"But we're not *supposed* to grow up!"
It was her turn to sigh. "I know."
"Now I.Q., you know what to do in case of an emergency! And.... if in
 fact I never do come can have all of my book
 collection..." I.Q.protested, but Violet was insistant upon this.
 I.Q. gave in and with a swift hug, left.
"It's gonna be all right, darling." Tickled Pink cooed. "I'll be back
 before you know it! We'll teach that ol' Darkness not to mess with
 us!" Her sprite looked up at her and nodded, forcing a smile across
 her face. "Good. That's better. Now, go on." Tickled Pink watched her
 beloved friend scamper into the house....and despite her usual
 optimistic nature, she suddenly had the chills and was afriad she'd
 never see her beautiful homeland again......
"Just think, Night Sprite! I finally get to go back to the moon!"
Night Sprite translation: "You remember?"
"Of course I do! Vaugely, but I's beautiful shores...filled
 with cool silver water...very gorgeous,Night Sprite. Are you sure you
 don't want to stay here and help?"
Translation: "No! I was sworn to protect you and I intend on doing
 just that!"
"Oh, Night Sprite!" She hugged him tenderly. "What would I ever do 
without you?"
"Hammy, for the last time, I'll be all right! Don't worry! Just you 
 wait; as soon as I get back, we'll do a whole Play Fest! With you and
 I as the stars!" Indigo crept out of her room slowly and left Hammy
 to sob and wail dramatically. Though she'll only half admit it,
 Indigo was getting teary eyed as well.....
"Twink, I don't know what I coud ever say to you that'll replace the
 kindness you've shown to me....even from the start..."
"Rainbow," Twink protested. "I was running away from something you
 faced that day! It was good luck on my shoulder that I met you."
"Twink, no! I was on the quest, *I* was running away,*I* was.."
"Look, we can sit here and argue or we can say our proper good-byes!" 
Rainbow laughed as tears streamed out of her eyes. She threw herself
 *glomp* and wrapped her arms protectively around him. He stood on
 tiptoes and hugged her back. 
"Now, I promise, I'll have RainbowLand running just as well and as
 orderly as you do!" he sniffed,straightening up. "Don't worry." He
 saluted her.
 "Commander Rainbow Brite!"
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