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Into the great Hall of Colors everyone gathered. They all sat at the
 large round rainbow table, each in their designated space where their
 color was spaced out. Rainbow, Red Butler, Lala Orange, Canary
 Yellow, Patty O' Green, Buddy Blue, Indigo, Shy Violet, Tickled Pink,
 MoonGlow. Krys stood next to Rainbow's chair and explained what was
 happening to the Universe.
"The Universe is in great danger. If you all thought Spectra being
 threatend was bad,wait until you hear this." Rainbow closed her eyes
 and took a deep breath as Krys continued on. "There is a great and
 powerful Darkness sweeping over the Universe. No one knows where it
 came from or who is behind it..per say. The Universal Army has
 ordered me to recruit the only beings on in this Galaxy that can help
 us. That's why I'm here today."
"Wait," Red Butler cried. "You can't take Rainbow with you now! It's
 far too dangerous!" Everyone started murmuring in agreement. Krys had
 amazing patience now; that's what the Army taught him. And Rainbow.
"No. I didn't just come for Rainbow." He waited until all mouths were
 silent and all eyes were on him. "I came for you all too." Everyone
 was in shock. They couldn't believe what they were hearing.
"The Ruler of each planet has asked me for each of you to represent
 them. You all have been invited to be the Supreme Generals of each
 planet." He drew out several slips of paper from his secret
 compartment in his suit. He handed them around to each Color Kid.
"Mars." Red said.
"Venus." Lala giggled.
"Mercury?!" Tickled Pink questioned.
"Jupiter!" Patty cried.
"Moon." Moonglow read.
"Uranus!" Buddy whispered.
"Neptune." Indigo said dramatically.
"Pluto." Shy Violet said.
"Sun!" Canary cheerfully anounced.
"What about me?" Rainbow asked. She had nothing in front of her.
 "Rainbow, you are the Supreme Color and Light Protector."
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