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"The Color Wars"


by Onyxmoon

It was a surprisingly dark and gloomy day in Rainbow Land when Rainbow
 and the other Color Kids woke up. 
Rainbow's Belt couldn't even break through a single cloud on Rainbow
 Land. She sat with Starlite in his field where he normally sleeps,
 so no one would disturb them as they talked about this serious matter.
"I don't know what's causing this. Murky and Lurky are gone from the
 Pitts and the Princess hasn't been heard of in years! Starlite, what
 do you think?"
"Well," He sighed, "We've been doing this for a long while now,
 Rainbow. You're growing up. Maybe the Star Sprinkles only work
 with...." He shrugged. "Children."
Rainbow thought about this new thought. Was it possible that only 
Children could activate the Color Belt? No! That was absurd. She was a 
child and will always be one!
Just then, as Rainbow was about to reply, Red Butler and Patty O' Green 
came runnig up to them.
"Rainbow!" Patty panted in between breaths. "Come quick! It's Krys! He's 
back with Onyx!"
Rainbow told Patty & Red to go on Starlite while she ran. As she began 
to run faster & faster,her heart beat pounding & pounding, she 
though,'Krys! At last! It's been too long without him!' She felt an 
instant blush rise to her cheeks.
Krys and Onyx stood before the Color Castle, awaiting Rainbow's return. 
Rainbow stopped in front of him & bowed. He smiled.
"Rainbow,I'm glad to see you!" Then his face fell. "Rainbow, I'm sure 
you're curious as to why all of this darkness is here...."
Rainbow gravely nodded.
"Were you able to break through any of it?"
"No. Not even my rainbow can break through the clouds. How is Earth?"
"Not good at all. A bit lighter then this,though." He stepped foreward. 
"Rainbow, I know what's causing this."
"Please,Krys! Let me help!"
"The Color Wars,Rainbow,have you ever heard of them?"
"Hm...yes,I remember Orin telling me about a great Universal War that is 
supposed to happen between all of the planets...something about Star 
Sprinkles and the colors....and the light...why?"
"It wasn't a myth,Rainbow. It's true. The Darkness has arrived and is 
threatning to cover up not just Spectra,but the entire Universe with 
darkness. We need everyone's help. You. The Color Kids. Everyone."
"Krys, I'm honored. You're a First Rank Cosmic''s my 
duty, my quest, as Rainbow Brite, to protect the Color and Light 
Krys smiled broadly. "I knew you wouldn't be able to resist."
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