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Onyxmoon's Fanfic: Parts 10-13


"Starlite..." "Yes?" "I'm scared." Rainbow whispered. Suddenly,the door flew open, causing both parties to cry out. Rainbow clutched Starlite's neck. "Rainbow?" a familiar voice called. "Krys?" Rainbow and Starlite stepped over to him. "What's happening?" "Stormy has led her Army to Spectra and she sent Earth a Popbomb to distract them while she made her way over there." "What's a Popbomb?" "A false bomb; all that explodes is air." He grabbed her wrist. "Come on." "Wait.." Starlite said. He knelt down and both of them got on. "Ooff!" Starlite exclaimed. "One of you has gotten bigger!" Rainbow slid down and Krys lit a flare. It was true. Rainbow had gotten taller...about 4 inches. Now she looked like a 15 yr. old. Rainbow gasped. "How could this have happened?" "The Darkness is getting larger and more powerful..." Krys explained. "It must be Stormy's doing...I have no idea....." "Oh no.." Rainbow whined as Starlite told her to climb back on. Krys would cover them. "I can't become an adult....that just doesn't happen!" She whined to herself as they ran down the hall towards the entrance. The entrance was a very large semi-circled richly done room. Very lovely. "Krys,where are we going?" "Well, the Army didn't mind what Orin said earlier. They're trying to hold back the Saturn Army." "Where's the Dark Soldiers?" "All over the Universe." He quickly replied. Rainbow's eyes went wide. A loud crash was heard just as they approached the entrance. The large dome-shaped skylight was darkening....the darkness was spreading quickly...A side of the entrance had been blown away. Stormy stood in its place with two Soldiers on each side of her. Her hands on her hips, she marched herself right over to Rainbow Brite. "I've tried to be patient, Rainbow," She said...."But no...."

**elsewhere** "Rainbow!" Red Butler suddenly gasped, feeling a twitch in his eye, knowing something was wrong.... *** Lala suddenly cluthced her heart. It had stopped for a second. "Rainbow..." *** Canary Yellow cried out as she had just seen the almost adult Stormy attack Rainbow...she stood up,her vision coming back to regular again..."Rainbow! Starlite!" She started to run.. ** "Hang on, Rainbow," Patty whispered,"I'm coming...." *** "Rainbow Brite and Commander Krys are in trouble, hurry, hurry!" Buddy Blue cried as the Uranus Army ran onto the Star-Ship that was waiting to take off. *** "I don't care how rash it is, I have to help!" Shy Violet cried. ** "We're right behind you, Rainbow," Indigo thought over and over... *** "....ALL the way...!" Tickled Pink thought as well. *** "Night Sprite, look!" Moonglow pointed to Earth as the Dark Army flooded it...shrowding it in utter darkness... *** Rainbow was behind Starlite. Stormy just smirked. She closed her eyes and raised her right hand, some fingers curled. Her eyebrows twitched and a sudden crash of thunder was heard. Through the huge dome skylight, though without breaking it, lightning came pouring down into Stormy; but not just her raised hand; her whole body. It took over her whole being and made her grow as the lightning turned from white to black.... She opened her eyes....dark eyes with no light in them......on her wrists were now cuff-links made from Dark Metal; what the Dark Soldiers wore to shield them from any light. Any light that hit this metal was absorbed and turned into darkness.... "You and your color belt..." Stormy sneered. "All my life I've dealt with the same thing, over and over, 'Rainbow is our hero'; 'Rainbow saved the day!'; ....well, I'm sick of, it's your last day, Rainbow Brite!" She shot a bolt of lightning over at Starlite, but Krys shot Starlite first with his Crystal Laser. It froze Starlite, but it kept him alive. Stormy glared at Krys; murder in her eyes. Then she just smiled again and shot him with Dark Power..he went flying into the wall... "KRYS!" Rainbow cried, backing up as Stormy towered over her. "Well, today is my day; today is the day I will destroy Rainbow Brite!" Her laugh sent chills running down Rainbow's spine.. Stormy raised her hands, her fingers posed in drawing all the powers she could into her...Rainbow was trapped...she closed her eyes..... and felt the dark power being surged into Stormy.... "I WON'T LET YOU DO THAT!" Stormy, her two Soldiers, and Rainbow all looked up. A larger crash and millions of diamond specks flittered and floated down as the dome skyscraper was shattered into a billion pieces. A form was kneeling in-between Rainbow and Stormy... "Patty!" Rainbow cried... Patty smiled, her bright green eyes starring into Stormy's cold steel ones..... END PART TEN!


"P-Patty!" Rainbow stuttered. But Patty and Stormy were still staring
 into each others eyes; one full of hope and light, the other full of
 cold and darkness.
"Stormy, I don't want to hurt you..." Patty, still crouched, said.
 Stormy frowned. "But if things get out of hand...."
"Uhg.." Krys moaned, still recovering from that unplanned rendevous
 with the wall. He closed his eyes and shook his head, then re-opened
 his eyes and his vision was clear again. "Patty!"
"Hey Krys," Patty said, still smiling, never turning her head.
"Fine!" Stormy cried and began to flee.
A lasso-like flash of green lightning appeared in Patty's hands and
 wound around Stormy's waist, ensnaring her.
"DARK SATURN STORM!" A large black cloud appeared over Patty's head
 and was raining so badly her lightning short-circuted and shocked
 her. She let go of the lasso and Stormy, along with her two henchmen,
 ran out.
"Whoo!" Patty shook her head. "That wasn't fun!" 
Rainbow slowly got up and walked over to Patty. 
"Patty..." Rainbow said, circling her, examining her. "What's happened
 to you?"
Patty looked at herself. She was older now, taller, and in a different
 outfit. "Oh? This? We all have it now, Rainbow. We're Neo now." She
 smiled proudly. "We can protect the Universe now!"
"I wouldn't say that so quickly..." 
Rainbow and Patty turned to the voice. There stood Brian, all in
 black, his commanding airs turned on high.
"Brian!" Patty smiled warmly. He smiled back,but it was a forced smile. 
He walked over to them. He then spoted Krys lying down, trying to catch 
his breath.
"What the heck happened to him?" Brian asked casually.
"Oh!" Rainbow ran to Krys's aid, not noticing he was still lying down.
 He had been trying to get up last time she had stolen a glance over
 to him.
"Rainbow! Rainbow!" another male voice from outside shouted.
"Buddy?" Rainbow whispered, kneeling next to Krys.
Buddly Blue, Indigo and Shy Violet all ran into the Embassy (or, what
 was left of it). They, being all Outer Planets, had on similar
Violet immediatly went to help Krys. Buddy asked for details and
 Indigo chatted with Brian.
"You know," Krys said, sitting up with Rainbow and Violet's aid, "YOU
 could have helped catch her."
"I didn't get here until just now, Krys." Brian said. Krys gave him
 one hard stare and went back to groaning in pain. While Violet
 questioned him on where it hurts, Brian looked around the entrance.
 He was careful where he stepped, considering there was broken diamond
 crystals everywhere {although he had boots on}. He looked all around
 him, trying to figure out how to lure Lord Kuraku here.
"Have you all seen this Lord Kuraku?" Brian asked calmly.
"No," everyone said at the same time. Brian had his back to them all.
"Hmmm..don't you all find that strange that we have not seen him yet?"
"Maybe he's scared of us!" Buddy cried, slamming his fist into his 
other palm.
"I doubt that, Buddy." Brain smiled good-naturedly. "If he were scared
 of us, he would have backed off." He sighed. "I think I know who he
Everyone was staring at Brian, quiet. Even Krys. Brian slowly turned
 to look over his shoulder, glancing at everyone.
"Lord Kuraku Nanimo is the Darkness..."

"Rainbow? My goodness; look what's happened here, Red! Rainbow, are
 you here?"
Lala stepped through the blown-away wall and into the Entrance. She
 spotted everyone instantly. "Oh! Hello!" She waved and Red Butler
 followed her in, followed by Tickled Pink.
"Hey!" Red said to Brian, and Brian warmed up immediately. 
"How did you all know?" Rainbow smiled.
"We knew." Red breathed, remembering the instant feeling he got when
 Rainbow was in trouble. "We know you."
Rainbow nodded solemnly; she understood.
"Canary Yellow and Moonglow couldn't make it..." Red said quietly, his
 head bowed. "The Earth is almost gone....and they need to concentrate
 right now because of the Sun and the know.." No one
 finished for him. They all knew.
"Lord Kuraku is this darkness?" Rainbow asked Brian, looking into his
 eyes. Brian nodded, completely sure of himself.
"THAT theory.." Krys snarled, glaring at Brain. Brain frowned as Krys
 got up and struggled over to him. "THAT idea is THE most..." He put
 out his hand.."Brillant theory I've heard since this whole thing
Brain couldn't believe his ears! He smiled back and shook Krys's hand.
 "Thank you Krys." Brain said. Krys nodded. Krys straightened up and
 cracked his bones, groaning at every noise made.
"You know, I actually have a feeling Stormy's gonna laugh at this
 once she's back to normal..." He muttered.
Everyone looked all around. It was Stormy's voice all right, but
 where was it coming from? Outside! They all dashed outside, Red first
 with Rainbow and Brian last. Sure enough, Stormy was in midair, with
 the ENTIRE Saturn Army. Hundreds of Soldiers in black and dark purple
 armor lined up in a pyramid-shaped order behind Stormy.
Stormy gave off her new cackle. *kakakaka!* Before anyone could say
 another thing, Red Butler charged foreward.
Large spheres of fire shot out of Red's hands and charged straight for
 a very calm Stormy. Stormy just moved her head to the side and
 dodged them perfectly. Red Buler was aghast!
"You'll have to do a little beter then that, my dear."
Lala and Red looked at each other and nodded. Both of them leaped to
 attack; Red lifting Lala up by her waist as they cried together:
There were several beams of fire and orange lasers. Stormy was quick,
 but not quick enough. One orange laser hit her sleeve and tore a hole
 in it, barely missing her shoulder entirely. Stormy examined her
 shoulder and scowled. 
"You ruined my dress..." She hissed. She turned to them and drew in
 her power. Her eyes began to glow.
"What's happening?" Tickled Pink asked in a worried voice.
"She's taking in more power!"
"It's too late." Brain said, shaking his head. Rainbow turned to him.
"She's becoming posessed with dark power. Sooner or later, there will
 be no turning back once she draws enough. We'll kill her if we try."
Rainbow gasped. Buddy looked down. He remembered Stormy starting to
 warm a little to him...she was nice and they got along. She was his
 best friend! He couldn't let her die!
"NO!" He ran forward in front of Red Butler. He threw his arms out to
 block everyone. "Stormy, wait!" 
Stormy, her eyes aglow, looked down at him silently.
"Don't you remember me?" He smiled through his now flowing tears.
 "I'm Buddy Blue. We used to play sports! Remember?" She was silent.
 Her face softened a bit and her eyes-just for a split second-
 returned to normal.
"Buddy!" Rainbow cried. "Keep at it! It's working!"
"I can't let you become evil, Stormy," Buddy sucked in his breath.
 "Not unless, I too, become evil."
Stormy twitched. Everyone gasped and Buddy Blue stared straight into
 those once gleeful, happy eyes. 

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