Sir Scott, Sir Xander and Princess Jerikka were going on an adventure. Why? I don't really know... they probably got kicked out of the palace again. They were almost past the moat when Xander realized something..
	"Uh..we forgot food."
	"Shutup!" Sir Scott shoke is head. "Geez, now we have to go all the way back."
	Princess Jerikka looked behind her. "Oh well, we can just stop in the village to get some food. You know...village with an /e/."
	")(#&%@&* you! That was just one time... "Little miss 'perfect'. You think you can spell everything..."
	"Y'all need to shutup!"
	"Whatever Scott!"
	Sir Scott turned around. "Um, I think that's 'cause someone's following us."
	"Oh," they said in unison. All stopped and waited silently. They could hear something rustling through the trees..
	"Shoot.." Xander muttered. The sounds were getting closer.
	Finally, an odd character in jester clothing jumped out at them. However it wasn't was giving them a weird silent glare. Oh my god, I think it's crazy, was the thought on everyone's minds.
	The clown-like person stared up at them with his evil glint and said...
	"Tag. You're it. Ahehehehe.."
	It jumped away, howling with insane laughter.
	The kids looked at each other.
	"Okay, I think there was um, something wrong with that..person."
	"Why do I get the feeling impending doom is upon us?"
	Xander turned to Cathy and gave her a blank look. "Uh.. maybe because a freaky clown guy jumped out and tried to play with us?"
	"Good point."
	Sir  Scott looked at his map and pointed them to the village. And so they went.

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