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Name Type Animal Body Color Hair Color Symbol
Milky Way Twice as Fancy unicorn pink/lavender white w/ blue streak silver stars
Blossom Collector's Ponies earth pony lavender/purple purple white flowers
Cotton Candy 1st edition earth pony light pink pink white dots
Firefly yr 2/3 Glittery pegasus dark pink blue blue lightening bolts
Medley yr 2/3 Glittery pegasus light green green dark green musical notes
Sprinkles? Dream Castle Playset pegasus light pink blue ducks
Bunny Hop Precious Pocket earth pony white pink w/ purple Top Hat
Talk-a-Lot Sweet Talkin' earth pony pink purple & dark pink 2 ponies chatting in a heart
Applejack yr 2 earth pony orange yellow (tan) apples
High Flier Summer Wing flying pony purple aqua dragonfly
Sundance (Megan's pony) earth pony white pink pink hearts, triangles, and dots in a circular pattern
Heart Throb yr 3 pegasus light pink (lavender) pink pink hearts w/ silver wings
Scrumptious So Soft earth pony white green watermelon slice
Special Sets
Majesty (unicorn, white with blue flowers[?]) Spike (dinosaur) w/ the book "Spike and the Magic Shoes"
Baby Glory (unicorn, white w/ star symbol); blanket & playpen