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Cathy's Care Bears Wishlist

Books 13" Plushes Other Plushes Poseables & Minis Misc.
Sweet Dreams for Sally (hdbk) A Friend Frances (hdbk) The Witch Down the Street (hdbk) The Care Bears Help Out (mini-storybook) Meet the CareBears (mini-storybook) The Care Bears & The New Baby
(any Random House hardbacks, mini-storybooks and tapes/records to books that I don't have)

13" Plushes
Grumpy Bear Wish Bear Secret Bear Champ Bear Prize Bear
Other Plushes
5" except for Bedtime
Environmental except for Wish
Coin Banks except for Cheer
Poseables & Miniatures:

any poseable besides Bedtime Bear


Pizza Hut Glasses that I don't have

Cathy's Care Bear Collectibles Center

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