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My Care Bear Collection

Books Plushes Poseables/Minis & Playsets Misc

Name Type/Company
Caring is What Counts A Care Bears Tale
A Sister for Sam A Care Bears Tale
Meet the Care Bears by Kid Stuff (need record/tape)
Care Bears Bedtime Story by Kid Stuff (need record/tape)
*Play it Safe a Care Bear Sticker Book
The Care Bears Garden mini story book

Name type/edition size
*Funshine Bear (2 dif. editions) 13"
Friend Bear 13"
*Birthday Bear 13"
Love-A-Lot Bear 13"
Good Luck Bear 13"
Cheer Bear 13"
Bedtime Bear 13"
Share Bear 13"
Grams Bear 14"
Bedtime Bear 5"
Wish Bear Environmental 12"
Cheer Bear Coin Bank 5"
Baby Tugs Baby Bear 10"
(white baby bear?) Baby Bear 10"
Poseables, Miniatures & Playsets
Bedtime Bear Poseable
Heart-Shaped Playset
basket w/ handmade Funshine cover
metal lunchbox w/ thermos
2 Pizza Hut glasses (Funshine & Tenderheart..Tenderheart badly worn though)
Baby Hugs & Tugs Baby Toy
Tenderheart child skates
Record: Friends Make Everything Better
*-Childhood Favorite :)

Cathy's Care Bears Collectibles Center